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Beauty Facial At Home

From: Nicole Hits 1828 Update: 2010-7-3 Print
If you are too busy to stop at the spa for essential skin care treatment, then try these facials at home to relax your mind and body. The process of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, and hydrating can be done with some basic steps and ingredients. Experience a variety of treatment options and products to revitalize your skin, replenish essential nutrients and to reduce the signs of skin damage and skin aging.
Things you will need
Facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, face masks, cotton balls, towels, large bowl of hot steamy water, face scrub and eye cream.

Time required : 30- 45 minutes

The Process
Relax your mind: To relax the mind, lure your senses by turning off the bright lights. Light some aromatic candles in the bathroom with a soft music at the background.

Cleanse your skin: Cleansers help to get rid of dirt and make up without any traces. With the help of a milk cleanser clean the skin gently in a circular motion. Apply the cleanser to your face and throat, and use upward circular motions, to all the way up to the hairline, and down to the breastbone. After a fine massage, rinse well with warm water and pat it dry.

Exfoliate : Exfoliate your face with a gentle face scrub. You can use a grain-based scrub like oatmeal and apricot Concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead. For a combination skin, work harder on the areas that are more oily. Make sure to use scrubs that don't dry your face. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

Steaming time: Steaming is essential as it opens the pores and increases circulation on the skin's surface. Select herbs like s lavender, mint or calendula for dry skin or mint, lavender, rose and witch hazel, for oily skin or try calendula, chamomile, or comfrey for sensitve skin and boil it in a bowl of water. Pour hot steamy water in a large bowl and bring it to the place you are going to do the facial. Lean your face over the bowl about a foot away and cover your head and the bowl to preserve the steam. If you feel a burning sensation then stop for few seconds and repeat it. Keep the steam going for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Tonic: As the pores are open, your skin is in ideal state for maximum absorption. So, gently massage a regenerating serum or tonic at this stage.

Face masks : envelop your skin with a face masks that suits your skin to enhance the skin care treatment .To replenish the pores apply toner by misting or cotton pad.

Moisturizer: smooth on a soft moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply the lotion all over the face and neck avoiding the area around the eyes. Apply an eye cream all around the eyes. This final stage will help in protecting your skin until your next facial

Do it at least once every week.

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From :Nicole  
Update: 2010.7.3  
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