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Tidy House Treats Your Health

From: Nicole Hits 1405 Update: 2010-7-2 Print
A new study suggests that tidy homes has both emotional and physical benefits.
After a long tiring day, home is the only place where a person find peace. Both the exterior and the interior of the house have a great impact on the person's health.
Tidy House

Tidy House Emotional Benefits

1.The first look at the house, gives a sense of belonging. This is the most needed after a long tiring day amidst office politics.

2.A clean house, brightens your mood and thus helps in good relation among family members.

3.A tidy house, looks good and thus helps you relax. This complete relaxation, helps you get rid of stress.

4.A tidy home, is the best way to treat tiredness.

How does a tidy home keep your more active?

1. a tidy home helps you relax and thus, is a great source of energy boost.

2. It has been found that cleaning the home is the best form of workout. After office, you may spend 1 hour in gym but the time and energy you take while cleaning the house is 10 times more beneficial than a gym session.

3. While house cleaning you are worked out and which leads to deep breathing. Your body breaths in as much oxygen as needed.

4.Kitchen cleaning, is one of the best forms of exercise. In the kitchen you are sure to have high shelves. Cleaning of those shelves, stretches your muscles.

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From :Nicole  
Update: 2010.7.2  
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