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Secrets Of Celebrity Bikini Figure

From: Nicole Hits 1506 Update: 2010-7-2 Print
You plan a trip to Goa and the first thing you want is to fit in a Bikini and flaunt you bod in the beach, which mostly gets restricted to a dream. But while we struggle to get a sizzling bikini body, celebrities seem to do it without putting in too much effort or more precisely, their effort has a right direction. Here are some of the secrets of how stars get their hot bikini body.
1.Geri Halliwell – The ex-Spice Girls star, famous for her super toned bod, maintains her figure with yoga and healthy eating.

Geri has abondened rice and chocolate from her food list and takes yoga classes thrice a week. This not only tones her body but also relaxes her mind, which gives her the perfect combination of good body, beauty and brains.

2. Cameron Diaz – Rather than hitting the gym, Cameron likes to tone herself with outdoor sports. She does a lot of surfing, which gives her a flat stomach and tone thighs. She also does a lot of hiking and snowboarding, which works out her legs and behind.

Cameron hates looking skinny but wants to look toned, thus she goes for yoga classes five days a week.

3.Bipasha Basu – near to home, the dusky beauty, is a fitness freak. She hits the gym everyday and does yoga thrice a week. Light weights and cardio are the main two things which Bipasha does.

4.Katrina Kaif – The delicate and mesmerizing beauty of Katrina Kaif is a gift of workout. She does a lot of swimming and yoga. This not only let her have a beautiful body but also a beautiful skin.

Diet For Bikini

Angelina Jolie and Bipasha Basu have one thing in common. They don't have a skinny frame but a bounteous body which is now a trend. Beautiful curves make the best bikini figure. The secret lies in exercise and also a lot depends on the their diet. Lets see what they eat in a day.

Angelina Jolie

1.She has 6 small meals a day.
2.For breakfast she eats one omelet with egg white, boiled veggies and two slices of wheat bread.
3.Her lunch consists of baked meat of fish, veggies, soy milk and brown rice.
4.Her dinner consists of baked beans, chicken, meat or fish, veggies, brown rice or bread.
5.Other in between meals consist of fruits, nuts and biscuits.

Bipasha Basu

1. She has her breakfast at 9 o'clock. It consists of 6 egg whites, toast and skimmed milk.
2.She has fruits at around 11 o' clock.
3.She has lunch at 1o'clock. It consists of two soy roti's, dal, grilled chicken or fish, vegetable and salads.
4.Evening tea is teamed with biscuits.
5.Dinner consists of dal, salad, vegetables cooked in olive oil, grilled fish or chicken.

They strictly follow this diet which allows them to slip into a Bikini any time they want. The no flab, curvy body is the perfect example of fitness and beauty. This also makes you look beautiful in all kinds of dresses. Exercise and diet takes time to show results. Thus one needs to be very patient. The results one achieved is permanent.

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From :Nicole  
Update: 2010.7.2  
Hits 1506  
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