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Now no need to remove turbans at UK airports

From: Nicole Hits 3186 Update: 2010-7-3 Print

London, Jul 3: One good news for Sikh passengers traveling to England. Now there in no need to remove their turbans for the sake of security checks at the UK airports.
UK flag

This decision comes after leading Sikhs branded the moves "humiliating and offensive". Now the government has been forced to issue a memo to airports warning them to stop the searches.

Followed by the strict orders by the government in May 2010, security staff at airports forced Sikh to remove turbans as the part of the security drill.

"On Thursday, Jul 1, the Department for Transport advised all UK airports to continue using the previous methods of screening religious headwear, which eliminates the need to carry out hand searches. We have reacted accordingly," a spokesperson for the Birmingham International Airport was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

“If there is a cause for concern, the individual should be taken into a private place where they can be searched, with the lightest possible touch,” said Dr Indrajit Singh, adviser to the Commission for Racial Equality.

Harmander Singh, principal of a school at UK said,"Sikhs are being unfairly targeted. As far as I'm aware, there haven't been any exploding turbans at airports yet. Just because Osama Bin Laden chooses to wear, one doesn't mean that Sikhs should have to suffer."

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From :Nicole  
Update: 2010.7.3  
Hits 3186  
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